Neff – Integrated Dishwasher: S513N60X2GB

Key features

  • Time Light (time remaining in the programme is projected on floor)
  • Flex 2 baskets (adaptable, foldable elements for convenient loading)
  • autoProgramme (Optimum dishwashing results at the touch of a button)
  • Chef 70° (pro programme for getting stubborn dirt off pots/dishes)

Product Dimensions

  • Height: 81.5 cm
  • Width: 59.8 cm
  • Depth: 55 cm




9 programmes

14 place settings

NEFF has included nine programmes these include:

  • Pre-Rinse
  • Eco Wash
  • Intensive Wash
  • Chef 70°C
  • Auto 45°C – 65°C
  • Eco 50°C
  • Glass 40°C
  • VarioSpeedPlus
  • HygienePlus
  • ExtraDry

Use the Chef 70°C pro programme to remove stubborn dirt and burnt on food

VarioSpeedPlus function to wash the load three times faster.

Glass 40°C cycle uses cooler water to avoid damage to delicate items,

Intensive Wash uses powerful jets to clean heavily soiled dishes. W

autoProgramme, this gives optimum dishwashing results at the touch of a button.

Flex Baskets.

VarioDrawer can be used for smaller items such as cutlery and kitchen utensils.

Time Light projects the remaining time on the floor,

Red LED indicators



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